GMC Terrain: Electrical System / Instrument Panel Fuse Block

GMC Terrain. Instrument Panel Fuse Block

The instrument panel fuse block is under the instrument panel on the driver side.

To access the fuses, press and release the latch near the top center square.

Apply pressure to the two retaining tabs on the sides of the cover, until the two retaining tabs clear the sides of the instrument panel. Allow the panel to move downward and out of the way.

To reinstall the cover, reverse the steps.

The vehicle may not be equipped with all of the fuses and relays shown.

GMC Terrain. Instrument Panel Fuse Block

Fuses     Usage

F01      DC AC inverter

F02      Front windows

F03      Trailer brake

F04      Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning blower

F05      Body control module 2

F06      CGM

F07      –

F08      Body control module 3

F09      Amplifier

F10      –

F11      –

F12      –

F13      –

F14      Electronic shifter

F15      Transmission control module

F16      Front heated seats

F17      Left data link connector

F18      Body control module 7

F19      Exterior mirror

F20      Body control module 1

F21      Body control module 4

F22      Body control module 6

F23      Electric steering column lock

F24      Sensing and diagnostic module

F25      Occupancy sensor

F26      –

F27      Power seats

F28      Rear windows

F29      –

F30      Front heated seats switch

F31      Steering wheel controls

F32      Body control module 8

F33      Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

F34      Passive entry, passive start

F35      Liftgate latch

F36      Wireless charger module/USB accessory

F37      Cigarette lighter

F38      OnStar

F39      Instrument panel USB

F40      Camera module/Liftgate module

F41      Park assist module

F42      Radio

Relays      Usage

K01      Deadbolt

K02      Retained accessory power

K03      Liftgate

K04      –

K05      Logistics

Circuit Breakers    Usage

CB1      –

CB2      Auxiliary power outlet console

    Engine Compartment Fuse Block

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    Rear Compartment Fuse Block

    The rear compartment fuse block is behind a trim panel on the side of the rear compartment. Remove the trim plate to access the fuse block. The vehicle may not be equipped with all of the fuses and relays shown...

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