GMC Terrain: Setting Adaptive Cruise Control / Driving in Narrow Lanes

Vehicles in adjacent traffic lanes or roadside objects may be incorrectly detected when located along the roadway.

    Objects Not Directly in Front of Your Vehicle

    The detection of objects in front of the vehicle may not be possible if: The vehicle or object ahead is not within your lane. The vehicle ahead is shifted, not centered, or is shifted to one side of the lane...

    Do Not Use ACC on Hills and When Towing a Trailer

    Do not use ACC when driving on steep hills or when towing a trailer. ACC will not detect a vehicle in the lane while driving on steep hills. If the brakes are applied, ACC disengages...

    Other information:

    GMC Terrain 2018-2021 Owners Manual: Manually Recalling Memory Positions

    Press and hold 1, 2, or to recall the previously saved memory positions. To stop Manual Memory Recall movement, release 1, 2, or or press any of the following controls: Power seat Memory SET Power mirror, with the driver or passenger side mirror selected Power steering wheel, if equipped ..

    GMC Terrain 2018-2021 Owners Manual: Security

    If equipped, OnStar provides these services: With Stolen Vehicle Assistance, OnStar Advisors can use GPS to pinpoint the vehicle and help authorities quickly recover it. With Remote Ignition Block, if equipped, OnStar can block the engine from being restarted. With Stolen Vehicle Slowdown, if equipped, OnStar can work with law enforcement to gradually slow the vehicle down. T..

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