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Online Owner Experience (U.S.)

The GMC online owner experience is a one-stop resource that allows interaction with GMC and keeps important vehicle-specific information in one place.

Membership Benefits

GMC Terrain. Online Owner Center : Download owner’s manuals and view vehicle-specific how-to videos.

GMC Terrain. Online Owner Center : View maintenance schedules, alerts, and Vehicle Diagnostic Information. Schedule service appointments.

GMC Terrain. Online Owner Center : View and print dealer-recorded service records and self-recorded service records.

GMC Terrain. Online Owner Center : Select a dealer and view locations, maps, phone numbers, and hours.

GMC Terrain. Online Owner Center : Track your vehicle’s warranty information.

GMC Terrain. Online Owner Center : View active recalls by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). See Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

GMC Terrain. Online Owner Center : View GM Card, SiriusXM Satellite radio (if equipped), and OnStar account information (if equipped).

GMC Terrain. Online Owner Center : Chat live with online help representatives.

See to register your vehicle.

GMC Centre (Canada)

Take a trip to the GMC Centre:

  • Chat live with online help representatives.
  • Use the Vehicle Tools section.
  • Access third party enthusiast sites and social media networks.
  • Locate resources such as lease-end, financing, and warranty information.
  • Retrieve your favorite articles, quizzes, tips, and multimedia galleries organized into the Features and Auto Care Sections.
  • Download the owner’s manual for your vehicle, quickly and easily.
  • Find the GMC-recommended maintenance services for your vehicle.

    Customer Assistance for Text Telephone (TTY) Users

    To assist customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech-impaired and who use Text Telephones (TTYs), GMC has TTY equipment available at its Customer Assistance Center...

    GM Mobility Reimbursement Program

    This program is available to qualified applicants for cost reimbursement, up to certain limits, of eligible aftermarket adaptive equipment required for the vehicle, such as hand controls or a wheelchair/scooter lift for the vehicle...

    Other information:

    GMC Terrain 2018-2023 Owners Manual: Engine Overheating

    The vehicle has an engine coolant temperature gauge on the instrument cluster and overheat messages in the Driver Information Center (DIC) to warn of engine overheating. See Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge. The decision may be made not to lift the hood when the engine coolant temperature gauge is in the overheat zone or an engine overheat DIC message displays, but instead to get servic..

    GMC Terrain 2018-2023 Owners Manual: Obstacle Detection Features

    If the liftgate encounters an obstacle during a power open or close cycle, the liftgate will automatically reverse direction and move a short distance away from the obstacle. After removing the obstruction, the power liftgate operation can be used again. If the liftgate encounters multiple obstacles on the same power cycle, the power function will deactivate. After removing the obstructi..

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