GMC Terrain: Doors / Power Liftgate Operation


You or others could be injured if caught in the path of the power liftgate. Make sure there is no one in the way of the liftgate as it is opening and closing.


To avoid damage to the liftgate or liftgate glass, make sure the area above and behind the liftgate is clear before opening it.

GMC Terrain. Power Liftgate Operation

If equipped with a power liftgate, the switch is usually on the driver door. The switch can also be on the overhead console. The vehicle must be in P (Park). The taillamps flash when the power liftgate moves.

The modes are:

  • MAX: Opens to maximum height.
  • 3/4: Opens to a reduced height that can be set from 3/4 to fully open. Use to prevent the liftgate from opening into overhead obstructions such as a garage door or roof-mounted cargo. The liftgate can be manually opened all the way.
  • OFF: Opens manually only.

To power open or close the liftgate, select MAX or 3/4 mode.

  • Press GMC Terrain. Power Liftgate Operation twice quickly on the RKE transmitter until the liftgate moves.
  • Press GMC Terrain. Power Liftgate Operation or must either be unlocked or locked without the security armed.
  • Press the touch pad on the bottom of the liftgate after unlocking all doors. If equipped with Keyless Access, a locked vehicle can be opened if the RKE transmitter is within 1 m (3 ft) of the touch pad.

GMC Terrain. Power Liftgate Operation

  • Press GMC Terrain. Power Liftgate Operation on the bottom of the liftgate next to the pull cup to close.

Press any liftgate button, the touch pad, or GMC Terrain. Power Liftgate Operation on the RKE transmitter while the liftgate is moving to stop it. Pressing any liftgate button or pressing GMC Terrain. Power Liftgate Operation twice quickly on the RKE transmitter again restarts the operation in the reverse direction. Pressing the touch pad on the liftgate handle will restart the motion, but only in the opening direction.


Manually forcing the liftgate to open or close during a power cycle can damage the vehicle. Allow the power cycle to complete.

The power liftgate may be temporarily disabled under extreme low temperatures, or after repeated power cycling over a short period of time. If this occurs, the liftgate can still be operated manually.

If the vehicle is shifted out of P (Park) while the power function is in progress, the liftgate will continue to completion. If the vehicle is accelerated before the liftgate has completed moving, the liftgate may stop or reverse direction. Check for Driver Information Center (DIC) messages and make sure the liftgate is closed and latched before driving.

Falling Liftgate Detection

If the power liftgate automatically closes after a power opening cycle, it indicates that the system is reacting to excess weight on the liftgate or a possible support strut failure. A repetitive chime will sound while the falling liftgate detection feature is operating. Remove any excess weight. If the liftgate continues to automatically close after opening, see your dealer for service before using the power liftgate.

Interfering with the power liftgate motion or manually closing the liftgate too quickly after power opening may resemble a support strut failure. This could also activate the falling liftgate detection feature. Allow the liftgate to complete its operation and wait a few seconds before manually closing the liftgate.

    Manual Liftgate

    To unlock the liftgate, press on the power door lock switch or press on the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter twice within five seconds. See Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation...

    Obstacle Detection Features

    If the liftgate encounters an obstacle during a power open or close cycle, the liftgate will automatically reverse direction and move a short distance away from the obstacle...

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