GMC Terrain: Connected Services / Connections

The following services help with staying connected.

For coverage maps, see (U.S.) or (Canada).

Ensuring Security

  • Change the default passwords for the Wi-Fi hotspot and myGMC mobile application. Make these passwords different from each other and use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols to increase the security.
  • Change the default name of the SSID (Service Set Identifier). This is your network’s name that is visible to other wireless devices. Choose a unique name and avoid family names or vehicle descriptions.

Wi-Fi Hotspot (If Equipped)

The vehicle may have a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that provides access to the Internet and web content at 4G LTE speed. Up to seven mobile devices can be connected. A data plan is required. Use the in-vehicle controls only when it is safe to do so.

  1. To retrieve Wi-Fi hotspot information, press GMC Terrain. Connections to open the OnStar app on the infotainment display, then select Wi-Fi Hotspot. On some vehicles, touch Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Settings on the screen.
  2. The Wi-Fi settings will display the Wi-Fi hotspot name (SSID), password, and on some vehicles, the connection type (no Internet connection, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE), and signal quality (poor, good, excellent).
  3. To change the SSID or password, press GMC Terrain. Connections or call 1-888-4ONSTAR to connect with an Advisor. On some vehicles, the SSID and password can be changed in the Wi-Fi Hotspot menu.

After initial set-up, your vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot will connect automatically to your mobile devices. Manage data usage by turning Wi-Fi on or off on your mobile device, using the myGMC mobile app, or by contacting an OnStar Advisor. On some vehicles, Wi-Fi can also be managed from the Wi-Fi Hotspot menu.

MyGMC Mobile App (If Available)

Download the myGMC mobile app to compatible Apple and Android smartphones. GMC users can access the following services from a smartphone:

  • Remotely start/stop the vehicle, if factory-equipped.
  • Lock/unlock doors, if equipped with automatic locks.
  • Activate the horn and lamps.
  • Check the vehicle’s fuel level, oil life, or tire pressure, if factory-equipped with the Tire Pressure Monitor System.
  • Send destinations to the vehicle.
  • Locate the vehicle on a map (U.S. market only).
  • Turn the vehicle's Wi-Fi hotspot on/off, manage settings, and monitor data consumption, if equipped.
  • Locate a dealer and schedule service.
  • Request roadside assistance.
  • Set a parking reminder with pin drop, take a photo, make a note, and set a timer.
  • Connect with GMC on social media.

Features are subject to change. For myGMC mobile app information and compatibility, see

An active OnStar or connected service plan may be required. A compatible device, factory-installed remote start, and power locks are required. Data rates apply. See for details and system limitations.

Remote Services

Contact an OnStar Advisor to unlock the doors or sound the horn and flash the lamps.


OnStar Advisors can provide offers from restaurants and retailers on your route, help locate hotels, or book a room. These services vary by market.

OnStar Hands-Free Calling

Make and receive calls with the built-in wireless calling service, which requires available minutes. Functionality of the Voice Command button may vary by vehicle and region. For some vehicles, press GMC Terrain. Connections to open the OnStar app on the infotainment display, then select Hands-Free calling. For other vehicles press GMC Terrain. Connections as follows.

Make a Call

Press GMC Terrain. Connections. System responds: “OnStar ready.”

Say “Call.” System responds: “Call. Please say the name or number to call.”

Say the entire number without pausing, including a “1” and the area code. System responds: “OK, calling.”

Calling 911 Emergency

Press GMC Terrain. Connections. System responds: “OnStar ready.”

Say “Call.” System responds: “Call. Please say the name or number to call.”

Say “911” without pausing. System responds: “911.”

Say “Call.” System responds: “OK, dialing 911.”

Retrieve My Number

  1. Press =. System responds: “OnStar ready.”
  2. Say “My number.” System responds: “Your OnStar Hands-Free Calling number is,” then says the number.

End a Call

Press GMC Terrain. Connections. System responds: “Call ended.”

Verify Minutes and Expiration

Press GMC Terrain. Connections and say “Minutes” then “Verify” to check how many minutes remain and their expiration date.


    Navigation requires a specific OnStar or connected service plan. Press to receive Turn-by-Turn directions or have them sent to the vehicle’s navigation screen, if equipped...


    By monitoring and reporting on the vehicle's key systems, OnStar Advanced Diagnostics, if equipped, provides a way to keep up on maintenance. Capabilities vary by model...

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