GMC Terrain: Automatic Transmission / Automatic Transmission

GMC Terrain. Automatic Transmission

The shift switches are on the center stack. The selected gear position will illuminate red on the shift switch, while all others will be displayed in white. If the shift is not immediate, as in very cold conditions, the indicator on the shift switch may blink until it is fully engaged.

The transmission does not operate when the vehicle is off.

If the vehicle is in ACC/ ACCESSORY, the transmission can be shifted into P (Park).

If ENGINE START/STOP is pressed twice while at a relatively high speed, the engine will turn off and the transmission will automatically shift to N (Neutral). Once the vehicle is stopped, P (Park) can be selected.

P : This position locks the drive wheels. Use P (Park) when starting the vehicle to ensure the vehicle does not move.


It is dangerous to get out of the vehicle if the transmission is not in P (Park) with the parking brake set. The vehicle can roll.

Do not leave the vehicle when the engine is running. If the engine has been left running, the vehicle can move suddenly. You or others could be injured. To be sure the vehicle will not move, even when on fairly level ground, always set the parking brake and place the transmission into P (Park).

See Shifting Into Park and Driving Characteristics and Towing Tips.

This vehicle is equipped with an electronic transmission. The R (Reverse) and D (Drive) shift switches are designed to prevent inadvertent shifting out of P (Park) unless the ignition is on, and the brake pedal is applied.

For vehicles with a diesel engine, the vehicle does not need to be on to shift out of P (Park).

When the vehicle is stopped, press ENGINE START/STOP to turn off the vehicle. The transmission will shift to P (Park) automatically.

The vehicle will not shift into P (Park) if it is moving too fast. Stop the vehicle and shift into P (Park). To shift in and out of P (Park), see Shifting Into Park and Shifting out of Park.

R : Use this gear to back up.

If the vehicle is shifted from either R (Reverse) to D (Drive), or D (Drive) to R (Reverse) while the speed is too high, the vehicle will shift to N (Neutral). Reduce the vehicle speed and try the shift again.

To shift into R (Reverse):

  1. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop.
  2. Pull the R (Reverse) switch on the center stack.

To shift out of R (Reverse):

  1. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop.

Shift to the desired gear.

At low vehicle speeds, R (Reverse) can be used to rock the vehicle back and forth to get out of snow, ice, or sand without damaging the transmission. See If the Vehicle Is Stuck.

N : In this position, the engine does not connect with the wheels. To restart the engine when the vehicle is already moving, use N (Neutral) only.


Shifting into a drive gear while the engine is running at high speed is dangerous. Unless your foot is firmly on the brake pedal, the vehicle could move very rapidly. You could lose control and hit people or objects. Do not shift into a drive gear while the engine is running at high speed.


Shifting out of P (Park) or N (Neutral) with the engine running at high speed may damage the transmission. The repairs would not be covered by the vehicle warranty. Be sure the engine is not running at high speed when shifting the vehicle.


The vehicle is not designed to stay in N (Neutral) for extended periods of time. It will automatically shift into P (Park).

To shift into N (Neutral), press the N (Neutral) switch until the N indicator displays.

To shift out of N (Neutral):

  1. Bring the vehicle to a complete stop.
  2. Shift to the desired gear.

    Automatic Transmission


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