GMC Terrain: Driving Information / Control of a Vehicle. Braking, Steering

Braking, steering, and accelerating are important factors in helping to control a vehicle while driving.

Drunk Driving

Death and injury associated with drinking and driving is a global tragedy. Warning Drinking and then driving is very dangerous. Your reflexes, perceptions, attentiveness, and judgment can be affected by even a small amount of alcohol...


Braking action involves perception time and reaction time. Deciding to push the brake pedal is perception time. Actually doing it is reaction time...

Other information:

GMC Terrain 2018-2021 Owners Manual: Engine Overheating

The vehicle has an engine coolant temperature gauge on the instrument cluster and overheat messages in the Driver Information Center (DIC) to warn of engine overheating. See Engine Coolant Temperature Gauge. The decision may be made not to lift the hood when the engine coolant temperature gauge is in the overheat zone or an engine overheat DIC message displays, but instead to get servic..

GMC Terrain 2018-2021 Owners Manual: Irregular Objects Affecting ACC

ACC may have difficulty detecting the following objects: Vehicles in front of your vehicle that have a rear aspect that is low, small, or irregular An empty truck or trailer that has no cargo in the cargo bed Vehicles with cargo extending from the back end Non-standard shaped vehicles, such as vehicle transport, vehicles with a side car fitted, or horse carriages Vehicles that..


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